Installing buddycloud on ejabberd

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The xmpp section sets up a component connection. For ejabberd the listener configuration should look like this:

{5347, ejabberd_service, [{hosts, [""], [{password, "secret"}]}]}

In addition, you will need to tell mod_disco to advertise your component:

% Used modules:
  {mod_disco,      [{extra_domains, [""]}]},

To enable anonymous users to browse channels, you should configure a new virtual host:

{hosts, ["", ""]}.

And configure it to accept SASL Anonymous authentication:

{host_config, "", [{auth_method, anonymous},
                                     {allow_multiple_connections, false},
                                     {anonymous_protocol, sasl_anon}]}.

Add a topic domain

Pick a domain name (eg. and add the _xmpp-server._tcp SRV or the plain A record to your DNS zone.

Next, add the domain to your hosts like:

{hosts, ["", "", ""]}.

Configure the virtual host to disallow authentication and to make the buddycloud-server component show up in discovery:

{host_config, "", [
    {auth_method, internal},
    {{add, modules}, [
        {mod_register, [{ip_access, [{deny, ""}]}]},
        {mod_disco, [{extra_domains, [""]}]}